Buying or Making Fall Season Wreaths: What to do in 2020

What is a wreath, the key difference between Christmas trees, wreaths, and garland, and how to take care of all of them? Even if you’ve heard these terms before, the concept can be easy to forget and even more difficult to learn how to do. If you have never made a Christmas wreath or are not very familiar with the process, we’re here to help. The following is a tutorial on how to make a wreath and where to purchase the supplies needed. 

It can be hard to remember sometimes, but there’s a difference between a wreath and a Christmas tree. A wreath is a flat centerpiece with a trim that has been draped on it. The difference is that wreaths usually include greenery and bows. A Christmas tree is a fir, pine, spruce, juniper, or fir with a bundle of pine needles or a tree branch wrapped in green or silver or gold wire and adorned with ornaments. 

A wreath is commonly worn during the holidays, but you can also place the wreath inside your home. It can hang on a wall, as a door decoration, or as a table centerpiece. 

Wreath Basics 

The first step in making a wreath is gathering some items you can use to create your centerpiece. We’ll use these items to create our wreath: 

  • Wreath wire 
  • Hangers 
  • Scissors Tape 
  • Wooden skewers 
  • Pinecones 
  • Poppy seeds 

The best thing you can do before beginning this step is to clean and dry your pine cones. You can do this by placing them in a bowl of water and covering them with a lid. Let them soak for at least 15 minutes. 

When the water is gone, place the pine cones on a towel or piece of paper towel to dry. You can also use a blow dryer on the highest setting to dry them faster. If you need to dry them again, they’ll be dry when you take the wreath out of the oven. 

When using a decorative grapevine wreath, you can save some grapevine by wrapping it around the dowel that came with it. 

If you want to create a little more dimension to your wreath, you can use pinecones as the first tier of your wreath and then fill in the empty space with small pine cones. 


  1. Make a centerpiece. 
  2. Draped the wreath with ribbon. 
  3. Attach pinecones. 
  4. Add a bow or two. 
  5. Tie a little wildflower bouquet on a stick. 
  6. Add decorative elements such as red poinsettias.
  7. Finish the wreath. 

Are Wreaths on Amazon any good?

Amazon’s online wreath store, Wreaths By Amazon, is one of the best-known selections out there. But now that the retailer has added several new winter wreaths to its selection, we’ve had some time to do a little testing.

Amazon has lots of shapes for its winter wreaths, but many of them are similar, they just come in different sizes. If you want a larger wreath for your front door, there’s a wreath in sizes from small tabletop size to a very large piece that looks like it’s four-feet wide.

Some of the wreaths are more conventional-looking than others, but many of the prices are similar to ones we found elsewhere. And many are reasonably priced, making them prime options for last-minute holiday shoppers.

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