Amazon Kids+ the Best 3-Month Family Plan for Just $0.99

Your child will have access to plenty of apps and sites to occupy them if you don’t want to get them to bed at a decent hour. While some of the recommended sites are safe, many of them have websites designed to entertain your kids. While this might be acceptable at your home, it’s a different story when you’re not around to watch your child. So it is very convenient that Amazon launched Kids+ and priced it $0,99 for 3 months.

It’s advisable to look for kid-friendly content online. Here are a few ways you can make sure your kid is enjoying quality time online and keeping away from potential dangers.

Show them age-appropriate content

If your child is aged 3 years or below, then make sure you look out for adult-only websites. While some sites might be appropriate for your child, others might have articles or videos that could be dangerous for the little one.

“It’s always a good idea to restrict children from accessing adult content sites. However, if you do need to go online to research, purchase an article, or a new toy, you can share links on social media or with family and friends for them to access.” experts say.

“But on other websites, you may need to know the age range your child is using and the same goes for adult content sites. It might be that your child doesn’t need to know what’s in adult sites, but they do need to know that it’s not appropriate for them.”

Make them comfortable and safe while accessing the Internet

A study by McGill University found that that 77% of the parents allow their children access to the Internet before they can sign their own names. Research also suggests that parents are letting their kids use smartphones at a very young age.

Experts comment: “When it comes to a child’s development, you want to make sure that he or she can exercise self-regulation as they get older. I believe that it’s beneficial for children to learn the value of restraint as they get older. Making a child feel that they have the freedom to use the Internet earlier than is ideal is a sign that parents are thinking with a younger mind, than a growing mind.”

It’s also important to discuss the sensitive issue with other parents before letting your child access the Internet. There are bound to be different opinions. As a parent, you may not be comfortable with a specific website, app, or network. So it’s a good idea to tell other parents about the internet, ask for their recommendations and explain why you might not be comfortable with certain things. Parents will be open to trying to understand what you want from the Internet and may try to help you make sure that your child is safe online.

Teach them how to avoid online risks

The best way to avoid the pitfalls of the Internet is to make sure your child knows what to do if they spot a website they don’t like. You have to make sure your child understands that if something is wrong, he or she can report it to you. As a parent, you want to make sure you know what your child is up to online, even if you trust them. And when your child is on an app or network, you need to ensure that you know what that network is and what the security settings are. You might not want your child to use it and don’t know why. You have to ask for that information.

“Most parents don’t think about the privacy settings that are on their child’s phone or computer. If you aren’t aware, you are asking for trouble.”

Provide Internet safety guidance, but don’t force it

As a parent, it’s your job to keep your child safe online. But you shouldn’t force them to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, either. If your child wants to use the Internet, it’s more important for you to know why they want to do it. It’s okay if your child wants to play games online, but it’s less okay if he or she is doing something inappropriate. It’s the role of parents to know how to navigate the online world and if you don’t have that knowledge, it’s better for your child if you keep your distance.

How to add Amazon Kids+ Unlimited to your kid’s account

All this is hard to achieve but there is a convenient way of accomplishing internet safety for your child with Amazon’s new service.

To add the service, just log into your Amazon account and then click on the parental controls option. Here, select ‘add subscription’. You can then set up and select a password for the account. The program then will appear on your kid’s device and you can then manage it.

If you prefer a paper-free option, you can get a single Amazon Kids+ membership for $0.99 for 3 months, which includes both Amazon Kids+ Unlimited and the Kids+ Unlimited Reading Comprehension and Weekly Highlights features.

Finally, if you are really not into the whole parental control thing, Amazon also offers a ‘custom age-appropriate books’ option, which only offers Amazon-approved books and movies for kids.

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